melanie watkins

see: film photography by melanie watkins.

the name sounds familiar to you? yes because i included her in my photoblogs round up earlier this month. i'm so super jealous at her all european trip that and her travel photos on her blog are just insanely gorgeous that i need to have one post about her.


@samantha chu ramage: yes i agree, i love her previous album more than this one. i still enjoy this one though, and i've never seen her live yet!

@danica: i know, the line up is just so so tempting! and yes i hear a lot of people saying how awesome feist gig was, i really do want to see her live. maybe i should reconsider going to the festival after all...

@hila: thanks so much hila! hahaha i really do feel old and such a tight ass, i've never really gone out anymore or if i do have to go i always leave the earliest, i'm such a nanna!

@m violetta: i think the last time i went to music festival was 2 years ago, and even then i felt so old compared to everyone else who came and was really exhausted afterwards hahah!


  1. wondering where these were taken.
    loving the colour and light quality.

  2. this makes me want to hop on a plane and leave all my work behind - want to join me?

    such beautiful photographs. i love the lighting, and they also seem to have this warm wash/tone to them. lovely find laura!

  3. I'm loving all of these photos :D The perspective of them are perfect!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. These are stunning- makes me want to go on a European holiday! Thank you so much for my birthday wishes :) the new site looks amazing btw, congrats xx

  5. when are you coming again to europe? i kinda miss you girl :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! so sad it's already winter here...Jave anice week Laura!

  7. hey girl! thanks for another feature on your blog. i'm blushing!! let's say hello in person when i move back to sydney..?

  8. beautiful city (dubrovnik croatia)
    beautiful photos...


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