wood and faulk

see: wood and faulk wooden and leather works by matt, based in portland, oregon, USA.

there's something unique and special about his neat handy works that just struck me as i stumbled across his site. masculine, classy and elegant. 

thank you everyone for your nice comments on my previous post, it means a million! have a lovely weekend!!


@sun: i love foggy mountains too :)

@hiki: thank you! i wouldn't know about sapa either if i didn't have a friend who lives in vietnam and took me there!

@koey @kris koeller @sharmaine ruth @daydream lily @her persona: thanks so much!!

@fransisca angela: thanks a lot, i love your photos you posted on your blog too!

@janis @bluesistheteacher @it seems pretty obvoious @kristina: thank you! yes definitely a must next time you visit vietnam!

@jodeska: you need to upload more photos from sapa! no further comment on the hot girl bit...


  1. I love the salt and pepper vessel.

  2. I love that last photo with the salts! :)

  3. me too, beautifully elegant.

  4. love wood and faulk! where can i get one of those wood blocks!?

  5. This seems like something that would be perfectly fitting amongst the pages of Smith Journal don't you think? So charming.

  6. I couldn't have described them any better! I love the rusticness of the salt cellar ~ like how the end is really rough.


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