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i have been a loyal follower of her since i don't know when. the other day i asked this lovely lady if she's a shop owner, and she simply said "no, i'm just a collector." i'm not a person who gets jealous easily, i really am not. but just look at all these adorable stuffs, i am so very jealous! every single thing that she's posted in her instagram I WANT!

gamelan at one of the streets in ubud

left: balinese temple. right: one cute shop kou cuisine, i don't know their website but check this blog for more photos

left: pasar ubud (ubud market). right: me at the resort taking picture of the swimming pool on this post

here are the rest of ubud pictures from my toy camera! the last picture of me was taken of course by my friend tiara what a lazy gloomy weather we have this weekend in sydney, looking back at my holiday photos i wish i was still in bali! it's meant to be spring here, where are you sun?

camera: diana mini / film: fujicolor superia 200 / location: ubud, bali / more photos on my flickr

balinese dancers for a celebration at a temple near ubud

at the monkey forest "herro, can you search for fleas on my body pliz?"

swimming pool at our resort

the water lily at the resort reminds me of one of the sample pictures on windows pc

i just uploaded a few more photos from ubud... i'll upload the rest of bali photos taken with my diana mini shortly, and then i'll have some photos from vietnam to share with you! 

sorry you haven't heard much from me, work has been a bit crazy lately and i'm just too tired to do anything when i get home. i have to learn to be more organised, get back to my gym routine and try to sleep early. jo has dragged me to join in this daily challenge for health and well being, it's pretty good although i have been a slacked on it lately. is anyone doing this challenge too? how are you all?

camera: canon 450D / location: ubud, bali / more photos on my flickr

see: chalk board lettering by dana tanamachi, currently living in brooklyn, new york.

drawing on a vertical surface is not easy. and even more difficult to draw with chalks! let alone drawing, i remember when i was still at school i just couldn't even write on a straight line on a chalkboard. who would have thought hand drawn alphabets could be so pretty? see dana's interview at design sponge.

hear: for beautifully designed mixes, as per their one liner on the website.

this website keeps me companied at work and help me to get through the hours, and i also found some really really nice tunes from the mixes. *thanks for the link caleb*

here are some of my favourites (not in particular order): head in the cloudsskewed scienceorder balance rhythm harmonynight tremors. hope you enjoy them!

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here are more photos from the rice terraces in ubud. none of my photos do justice to how beautiful this place is, but i did very little retouching this time as i want to keep its originality. most of these photos are straight out of camera. i was really blown away by the view and i think i fell in love again with my home country indonesia.

can you see the people near where the houses are? (see large image here) they look really tiny because they're quite far away and this was the closest i could capture with my lens. i think that's a lookout spot where people go to see the view to the rice terraces, but thanks to our friends from abing terrace, we got the luxury to actually walk in the middle of the rice terraces. win!

left: the farmer working. right: can you spot the farmer down there, near the shack?

and this is the farmer's dog hanging out and relaxing.

it's a little muddy and slippery wearing thongs, but manageable. excuse my dry toes.

closer look at the rice field.

note the little stool and the basket inside? apparently other than the shack, the farmer can also have a little rest here.

another furry friend we met on the trekking.

natural spring water in the middle of the terraces. the one on the top left is drinkable, it was very refreshing!

a farmer's hut. this is him and this is his little pretty cow.

left: half of the way the sun came out and the light is just beautiful. right: balinese offerings.

i love capturing the sunshine reflection on the rice field.

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camera: 450D / location: tegalalang near ubud, bali / more on flickr

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how's your weekend? i was so exhausted and had the best sleep last night. enjoy the rest of your sunday!

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