dana tanamachi

see: chalk board lettering by dana tanamachi, currently living in brooklyn, new york.

drawing on a vertical surface is not easy. and even more difficult to draw with chalks! let alone drawing, i remember when i was still at school i just couldn't even write on a straight line on a chalkboard. who would have thought hand drawn alphabets could be so pretty? see dana's interview at design sponge.


@sharmaine ruth: glad you like them :)

@catherine @ the spring: thanks catherine! i've joined your link party too!

@hila: stop it right there missy, there's no such thing like nerdy taste in music! everyone has different taste for music, and you should do a mix too!

@amy: thanks so much :)

@morenica: thanks weyma :) i want to go back to bali too!

@muchlove: thanks anna! i want to see more photos from your holiday in indonesia!


  1. That is great work!

  2. These are so terrific. Nicely done.

  3. I've seen this once before somewhere, but still, this is so amazing! Normally even writing with chalk doesn't look too good and this is so pretty!

  4. it is so hard to write on boards. i am greatly impressed!

  5. i was hopeless at writing on blackboards when i was at school! i was also impressed by any teacher's ability to keep everything in a straight line!

  6. Wow! I'm already impressed by the girl at the cafe downstairs when she writes the menu of the day on the board. She's so careful. She often erases some letters and writes them again in order to make them look nicer.
    But this one is amazing!

  7. oh I love her, I think she's a genius.

  8. Imagine how weird and icky your fingers would feel covered in chalk too.

    You have to post the rest of your holiday photos!

  9. Wow, love what she does--blackboard is the perfect canvas for her style.

  10. absolutely beautiful. thank YOU for sharing.


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