bali #5: ubud rice terraces

here are more photos from the rice terraces in ubud. none of my photos do justice to how beautiful this place is, but i did very little retouching this time as i want to keep its originality. most of these photos are straight out of camera. i was really blown away by the view and i think i fell in love again with my home country indonesia.

can you see the people near where the houses are? (see large image here) they look really tiny because they're quite far away and this was the closest i could capture with my lens. i think that's a lookout spot where people go to see the view to the rice terraces, but thanks to our friends from abing terrace, we got the luxury to actually walk in the middle of the rice terraces. win!

left: the farmer working. right: can you spot the farmer down there, near the shack?

and this is the farmer's dog hanging out and relaxing.

it's a little muddy and slippery wearing thongs, but manageable. excuse my dry toes.

closer look at the rice field.

note the little stool and the basket inside? apparently other than the shack, the farmer can also have a little rest here.

another furry friend we met on the trekking.

natural spring water in the middle of the terraces. the one on the top left is drinkable, it was very refreshing!

a farmer's hut. this is him and this is his little pretty cow.

left: half of the way the sun came out and the light is just beautiful. right: balinese offerings.

i love capturing the sunshine reflection on the rice field.

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camera: 450D / location: tegalalang near ubud, bali / more on flickr


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  1. I'm going to Ubud tomorrow, so excited! Ubud is amazing :-D I still amazed by the town each time i go.

  2. so beautiful. that last shot, especially.

  3. Great photos and commentary. An amazing place.

  4. gorgeous pics!

  5. I went to Bali several times but never been to this place, I enjoy your pictures very much.
    It's so beautiful and all. You captured them really nice :)
    Have a nice day!

  6. Wow, these are such beautiful photos of Ubud! There's something special about green rice paddies. I've always wanted to go to Indonesia. xx

  7. ahh more rice field pictures!!
    love them!!

  8. I still put a lot of respects to the farmers on doing those huge paddy fields! I can't even imagine how they did it

  9. I loved Ubud too. It's such a magical place. I felt peace when I was there. By the way, I enjoyed a lot seeing your Bali series pictures. They make me want to come back to Bali again.


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