bali #6: the rest of ubud

balinese dancers for a celebration at a temple near ubud

at the monkey forest "herro, can you search for fleas on my body pliz?"

swimming pool at our resort

the water lily at the resort reminds me of one of the sample pictures on windows pc

i just uploaded a few more photos from ubud... i'll upload the rest of bali photos taken with my diana mini shortly, and then i'll have some photos from vietnam to share with you! 

sorry you haven't heard much from me, work has been a bit crazy lately and i'm just too tired to do anything when i get home. i have to learn to be more organised, get back to my gym routine and try to sleep early. jo has dragged me to join in this daily challenge for health and well being, it's pretty good although i have been a slacked on it lately. is anyone doing this challenge too? how are you all?

camera: canon 450D / location: ubud, bali / more photos on my flickr


@SJ: yeah me too, didn't think about it then but yes for sure, i have no idea how all teachers can keep their writing on straight line on the chalkboard!

@chapoul: hahaha maybe you should show dana's work to the girl from the cafe and get her to make her board more exciting! or even better, maybe you should help her drawing on the board?

@jodeska: coming soon.. i know i've been so slacked :( need to get motivated again!




  2. if the pool is any indication of how nice the resort is, the resort must be amaaaazing!

  3. Beautiful photos. What a wonderful place.

  4. Those monkeys... they stole Nick's (Mags' boyfriend) glasses last year. Bad monkeys...
    The pool looks great! I want to dive in it right now!


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