buy: rain clouds wall decal at mae. made with love in australia.

aren't they just so cute and whimsical? not only that, wall decal is also removable and reusable. i want!!

see: natalie portman for the new miss dior chérie campaign

ok, i do have to say that i love the previous campaign by sofia coppola a lot, but i like this one too. and i just love portman, who is of course as pretty as always. if you go to their official website, which i also like, you could also check out the behind the scene video where portman talks about paris. my favourite fragrance of the series (and still on my wish list by the way, take a note of that if you're buying me a present please hehehe...) is miss chérie l'eau, so nice and refreshing!

wellington st, chippendale

coogee beach

bacco cafe, QVB

hyde park

download: instagram if you're an iphone user. do they have it on androids too?

it's true that i used to say "no, i don't need iphone, i just use my mobile for phone calls and text messages". but now that i have an iphone... oh dear, it is a life changing gadget. i can also now go online, check weather, maps, public transport, manage my finances and all the fun stuff like instagram!   this post is dedicated to someone who was trying to convince me to buy an iphone for maybe about a year hahaha, you know who you are!

are you on instagram too? add me @ lauratj. have a nice weekend!

these days i have been busy preparing a special project with jodeska. for those of you who don't know jo, she's my partner in crime at sparkapolooza.

we're organising sparkmylane, a guerilla exhibition that will be held at one of the lanes in newtown on mid april. the idea is to get us to create something, get together and just have fun. artworks will be free for people to take home what they like after event. more info on our facebook event page here. do let me know if this link doesn't work because i can't really test the link without logging into my account!

are you a sydneysider? do you like to create art or craft? even better, would you like to showcase your work in our premiere mini exhibition? this is a call out for you who wish to contribute, we are still accepting artworks! if you're interested in joining us, do get in touch with me at or jo at ASAP, please put "sparkmylane" on the email subject. or any questions, let us know either via email or comment on this post.

we're very excited about our first ever show (and hopefully many more to come). hope you are too and look forward to hearing from you new contributors!

*photo by rachel tatum for sparkapolooza*

see: amazing photos by rosanna a.k.a rus anson, based in san francisco, new york, barcelona.

from fashion and beauty photography, to kiddy shots, to stills. i love them all. on a side note, i think danica's approach on replying comments is such a really good idea and i would like to try it out on my blog as well. so here they are!

the famous sydney opera house

the tourists

sometimes being a tourist in your own city makes you realise and appreciate more how beautiful your city actually is. and you might discover new things that you didn't know before as well. this year i think i have been exploring different kinds of creative scenes that sydney offers more than i have ever been in the previous years - sydney festival, jurassic lounge, art express and art month sydney just to name a few. there are a lot happening and i'm so grateful to be living here. 

tell me about your hometown or the city you live in now? i'd love to hear your story. or see some photos - please leave me your link if you want to play along and do a similar blog post. and if you're a sydneysider too, do share with me if any awesome event that you went or are going to because i don't want to miss out :)

see: photography by sundari carmody, currently based in adelaide, australia.

i have been following sundari's blog for a while now. and she's one of the sweetest bloggers who inspired me to get into lomography at the early days with all her help and advice. so here is a shout out for you sundari with your lovely distinctive photography style - still, strong character, somewhat a little bit eerie but beautiful at the same time. 

also see: sundari's awesome camera collection. so many to play with, love!! what cameras do you have? 

music monday
hear: talamak by toro y moi

visit: greenhouse by joost at the rocks sydney.

greenhouse by joost is a temporary sustainable cafe created by joost baker, originally from the netherlands. every single element of this cafe is built using a reusable material. i am all impressed not only by the cosy relaxing atmosphere, modern style interior full of lights downstairs and gorgeous rooftop garden, but also by their oh-so-yummeeh food. if you happen to be in sydney and you haven't already gone, i highly recommend you to go. especially that this eco-friendly cafe is only there temporarily (i think only for a few more weeks?).

let's pray for japan. my heart and thoughts with you during this hard time. *photo by bamsesayaka*

see: the real floating house under balloons inspired by up.

this amazing project by national geographic is just mind blowing. and if you have been following my blog, you know that i'm a fan of this disney's animated movie up from my old post here. i'm just really really stoke, need i say more? see more pics at my modern met.

see: photography by johnny miller, residing in brooklyn, new york.

such an amazing portfolio, i love these collections of bottles in particular. apart from the fact that the object itself is just wonderful, the lighting, the colours and the composition are all just perfect. makes me want to collect bottles!

hear: limit to your love by james blake.

i love this song the best but i also like his new single the wilhelm scream. oh that voice! is he coming to sydney soon?

on a side note, would you like to receive a free surprise package delivered to your door? miss jodeska is going to send out lovely packages to 5 lucky ones. so what are you waiting for? head over to her blog now!

see: wowsan for all the arty pretty things in south korea.

nothing describes best than how they wrote it: WOWSAN is dedicated to the creative side of South Korean modern culture. It shows the uniqueness of Korean lifestyle by introducing inspiring people, projects and places.

see: seed femme autumn-winter 2011 collection.

i think they're my current favourite retail shop in australia at the moment. i'm really liking their simple and comfy style and earthy natural colours, so easy to wear. and the interior of their shop is just so nice and homey and cosy as well.

p.s. so turns out i didn't win the lovelies award, oh well, maybe i'll try again next year. thanks so much for your support all of you who have voted, i really appreciated it. i won't bug you about voting anymore both on my blog and my twitter! or until next year at least :) have a nice day!
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