buy: rain clouds wall decal at mae. made with love in australia.

aren't they just so cute and whimsical? not only that, wall decal is also removable and reusable. i want!!

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@sj - ohhh i'm also addicted to words with friends!

@morenica - not changing but adding! i just love fragrance :) and i love both daisy by marc jacobs and miss dior chérie l'eau equally.

@reina @herecomesthesun - yes natalie portman is great. love her long time!

@hila - yay thanks for the tag, i'll play along for sure!

@danica - doesn't it smell just so nice! yes me too, i do love the previous campaign more than this one.


  1. What an effect, Excellent ideia for my bedroom walls. Those clouds and rain drops seem terribly cozy!

  2. i've been seeing cute cloud things like this a bit lately! i love it :D

  3. So beautiful! I think I need this one!

    Camila F.

  4. Unbelievable blog I found from google. Really great information shared. and great photographs. Thanks for sharing. Great Design I must say.

  5. lovely :)
    decals are great, especially if you're renting. though i was struggling to find any that weren't bird or tree related.

    and yes, the hello kitty toaster is awesome. it prints hello kitty's face on the bread!

  6. Oh my! Just gorgeous - I would happily have these decorating my walls.

  7. I've seen quite a few of her decals.
    The rain clouds if one of my favourites!

  8. so cute!! I really want to decorate my whole apartment with these kind of removable decals.

  9. oh such wonderful clouds...<3...Thanks so much for your nice comment on my pictures..I meant the dumpling house on victoria is super tiny, do you know it

  10. Did you end up getting this? Its nice!


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