natalie portman the new miss dior

see: natalie portman for the new miss dior chérie campaign

ok, i do have to say that i love the previous campaign by sofia coppola a lot, but i like this one too. and i just love portman, who is of course as pretty as always. if you go to their official website, which i also like, you could also check out the behind the scene video where portman talks about paris. my favourite fragrance of the series (and still on my wish list by the way, take a note of that if you're buying me a present please hehehe...) is miss chérie l'eau, so nice and refreshing!

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@lars - yay, welcome to instagram family :)

@jodeska - indeed. you need to buy an iphone!

@katyha - thank you, i added you!

@sundari - hahaha angry birds, good times! i don't know you have a tumblr! what's the link? i know, such a shame they don't have blogger app. i have an rss reader to check out other blogs i subscribe tho :)

@adeline - love is in the air, you, me, us and our iphones lol

@hearttypat - i wish i'm as strong as you but i just couldn't resist any longer hahaha..

@tornadoes and tiger - yes yes, this app can't replace photos from real cameras for sure. love all your photos at your blog and hello holga btw!


  1. Pascual & I just saw Black Swan last night. It was a masterpiece. Natalie performance was unbelievable.
    Talking about perfume, so you are changing Daisy to Miss Dior? I'm just thinking of buying the summer edition ¨Eu so fresh¨ by Marc Jacob. It's like Daisy but it's fresher.

  2. natalie is parrrrfaaaiiitt for this campaign and fragracne.

  3. sigh, so pretty! I'm still a Chanel girl when it comes to perfume, but Dior is a good second :)

    p.s. I've tagged you on my blog, see my latest post.

  4. i wear miss chérie l'eau - it's my summer fragrance :)

    i have to admit i prefer the first campaign, but portman is stunning here (as always).

  5. oh, I love Miss Dior Cherie!
    I'll admit, I like the other campaign better (maybe it's because they were playing Bardot in the commercial...I'm not sure) but this one is also very lovely. :)

  6. This campaign is very sweet, perfect for an actress like Natalie.

  7. sofia coppola's films (and commercials!) are beautifully directed...they always make me feel super girly!

  8. Hello. Just saw the question about my tumblr. You might have already found it but if not it is


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