greenhouse by joost

visit: greenhouse by joost at the rocks sydney.

greenhouse by joost is a temporary sustainable cafe created by joost baker, originally from the netherlands. every single element of this cafe is built using a reusable material. i am all impressed not only by the cosy relaxing atmosphere, modern style interior full of lights downstairs and gorgeous rooftop garden, but also by their oh-so-yummeeh food. if you happen to be in sydney and you haven't already gone, i highly recommend you to go. especially that this eco-friendly cafe is only there temporarily (i think only for a few more weeks?).


  1. Looks very nice! Too bad I'm not in sydney at the moment... :(

  2. this is really interesting :)

  3. naww... this cafe is not going to be there forever?? what a pity...

  4. I went to the temporary bar they set up at Fed Square in Melb a couple of years ago, I loved it!

  5. I saw this cafe on the news about a month ago actually.
    I am ery sad that it is not permanent. Why don't they make it permanent, and more of tehm, everywhere?
    What a fantastic idea. It's just what the world needs - the word spread about the better lifestyles available!


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