buy: cloud cutters by the fabulous heriott grace and see the cookie tutorial at forty-sixth at grace! remember their awesome cloud marshmallows i posted last month? yes, this is my new favourite item from heriott grace! more clouds please, more more more!

p.s. are  you a member of see hear say's facebook page? if so please say hello and introduce yourself in this discussion topic, i would love to know more about you!
i am very happy to announce the launch of my new side project: how's your weekend? 

it's basically a collective photography project dedicated to the weekend. it's now open for submissions so i invite all of you bloggers, photographers or just anyone who likes to take pictures to join in. please visit how's your weekend? to find out more and help me to spread around the words!

a shout out to the lovely first five participants (in alphabetical order) who help me to make this happen as below. thanks so much guys! and have a great weekend to all of you!

by ai from it will stop raining

by gaƫtan rossier

by phebe rendulic

by sandra juto

by sundari carmody

see: in all the world i dream in paper, a short film by petra storrs. she's a london based art director with brilliant portfolio on constructions and prop designs for various music and fashion industry. her works are just intricate, dreamy and magical. *via the eleventh hour*

i added this video to lily and the muse as well, i'm quite a new contributor there. 

see: stina persson artworks. i was just revisiting an old time favourite artist and reminded myself how awesome stina's watercolour collection is, keeps me amazed everytime. such nice colours, so so beautiful and delicate.

a while back i have received an honesty scrap award from the drifter and the gypsy and best blog award from I ▲M TALLER THAN THE CHILDREN. thank you thank you!! i am so sorry it took me so long, i'm pretty bad with these kind of things.. so here are 10 random facts about me:

1. i only started to get interested in photography when i finished uni.
2. as embarrassing as it sounds... i can not drive (yet).
3. i've never been a very sporty person, i'm particularly terrible at any sports with balls (volleyball, basketball, football, and the list goes on).
4. i'm a flat shoes girl, i don't really care about being short and/or fashion - me and high heels, we just don't match.
5. i love the feel of sands on my feet but i don't like walking barefoot on the grass.
6. once when i was a little girl i wanted to be a ballerina, i think it was all because of this book.
7. still talking about my childhood, my favourite children book author is enid blyton.
8. i love white furnitures.
9. i think i have a phobia of public speaking, i'm a pretty shy person and i express myself better in writing. but having said that, writing is not my best subject at school either. confused? i am.
10. if i can turn back time, i think i would have gone to an art / design school for my study.

i would like to pass the awards on to a few new found (for me) gorgeous blogs: kisses and cross stiches, mausami and the owl diary.

*photo by sophie's world*

see: canelle et vanille, such an amazing food blog created by aran goyoaga, the most talented food writer, stylist and photographer. yes yes yes... it's just about time for another food porn, i can spend hours drooling all over my screen browsing on this blog! hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do. have a lovely weekend.

see: portable fashion film festival screening 15 - 21 march 2010 (that's this week!) at basically each day this week they will present different innovative and creative fashion film as a part of the cultural program in this year's L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. curious? i am!! to find out more info about them click here.

see: up. everyone seems to be talking about alice in wonderland these days, which i've seen and tim burton's movie is always amazing without a doubt. but up is one animated movie that just blew me away. everything about it is just beautiful, touching and funny at the same time. an addition to my animated movie favourites, along with wall-e and fantastic mr. fox. what's your favorite animated film?

oh and also check out this cute little music created by pogo, all sounds taken from the original film (i posted about this mish mash sound artist a while back). 

see: alexandra carr's photography. i love the way she plays with lights and shadows. two more days of freedom then i'll start working full time again on monday. i hope the kids at new work place like me! what are you up to this weekend?

see: chelsea jade's lovely blog and flickr photostream. i love her photographs both indoor and outdoor shots. and as added by liss from daydream lily, she does play some sweet music too!

join: the creative project sparkapolooza. quoted from the blog: "It's simple, it's an open brief, so all you have to do is respond creatively and submit an original creation before the deadline. It can be anything, send me your photo, poem, yoga pose...whatever floats your boat."

here are a few of my contributions from previous briefs. so the latest brief (or theme if you want to call it) is "green" and deadline of the submission is sunday, 21 march 2010. i got nothing more to say than you all should join this fun project too! go on, don't be shy!

for any questions and submissions, please send your email to

an ordinary shot of my dining table in the morning sun light. taken for shadow shot sunday and photograph the ordinary challenge at mausumi.

oh, and i still would like to know what you do on when you're offline if you haven't let me know already, please comment here. have a nice monday!

some gorgeous hanging mobiles inspirations for the weekend! all from flickr, please click each image for resources.

i'm taking a break for the whole week next week before i start my new job, i'm really looking forward to it! i'll actually try to make an effort to limit my time in front of my computer during my break. i can't live without internet, but i have to admit it, i spend way too much time online! what do you do on your spare time offline?

see: sophia's new living room at her blog sobinique. amanda from here comes the sun introduced me to her blog, and i've been loving and following her blog since then. despite of her gorgeous photography, how nice is her redecorated living room? would love to see more of her space. have a nice weekend.

see: PEN story stop motion video by olympus. this is incredible! advertising campaigns just get better and better these days, don't you think?

see: the weeks of dasha, each week a new short film is uploaded to the site. this one is episode 6. very very curious to see how the story goes. nice cinematography, settings and clothings/accessories too, i'm very impressed! can you believe it's already march?
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