ordinary shot

an ordinary shot of my dining table in the morning sun light. taken for shadow shot sunday and photograph the ordinary challenge at mausumi.

oh, and i still would like to know what you do on when you're offline if you haven't let me know already, please comment here. have a nice monday!


  1. I entered Mausumi's challenge too! I like your entry - the bold shadows on the wall create an interesting geometry :) I also love that paper crane hanging mobile in the post below!

    P.S - when I'm offline, I like to take photographs, eat ice-cream (even in winter), and make friends with cute animals.

  2. i love this :)

  3. I'd call this an extraordinary shot :)

  4. definitely a cool photograph of what you've dubbed ordinary. i love the play of light, shadows, and lines all over this photo. my eyes are going everywhere!

  5. There's nothing ordinary about that. Wonderful photo! Thanks so much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday!

    What do I do when offline? What I should be doing is housework but that never happens! ;D


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