canelle et vanille

see: canelle et vanille, such an amazing food blog created by aran goyoaga, the most talented food writer, stylist and photographer. yes yes yes... it's just about time for another food porn, i can spend hours drooling all over my screen browsing on this blog! hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do. have a lovely weekend.


  1. oh, this blog IS such food porn! she really has a knack for making her food look amazing in her images.

    hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. love this blog. thanks for sharing!

    xo Alison

  3. it all looks delightful. i've now got a craving for raspberries and creme fraiche :) ♥

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  5. I would like to eat that chocolatey thing on the bottom right. Mmm.

  6. stunning! thank you for sharing this!


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