join: the creative project sparkapolooza. quoted from the blog: "It's simple, it's an open brief, so all you have to do is respond creatively and submit an original creation before the deadline. It can be anything, send me your photo, poem, yoga pose...whatever floats your boat."

here are a few of my contributions from previous briefs. so the latest brief (or theme if you want to call it) is "green" and deadline of the submission is sunday, 21 march 2010. i got nothing more to say than you all should join this fun project too! go on, don't be shy!

for any questions and submissions, please send your email to


  1. I don't know if this is too cheeky or inappropriate, but I run a weekly photo collaboration project over on my blog. It's called COLLECTIVE 5. Feel free to have a look! It's open to anyone!

  2. oh hello darling, did you grow up in indonesia? i miss southeast asia so much. i'm malaysian, and we all love these old black and white musicals. i'd rather much be malaysian in the 50s than now, we've changed so much. but anyways, i couldn't say i know much from indonesia unfortunately. but i'll say their culture is so so amazing. thank you for stopping by, mon cherie x

  3. My new motto: do something creative everyday. That looks like a ton of fun. Your contributions are really lovely.

  4. I love the atmosphere of your blog very much


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