3rd anniversary

first of all, today is See Hear Say 3rd anniversary yay! thank you all so much for stopping by and reading my blog. eventhough i'm not very good at replying, i want you to know that your comments, tweets and emails mean a million to me!

so anyway, have you been checking HUH. store lately? yes, these are the guys from HUH. magazine who sponsored the tote bags giveaway a while back. they have really nice selections of apparels, quirky publications and homeware - i love their simple, cosy and casual style. 

now the most exciting bit! HUH. magazine has kindly offer a 15% discount on that hot marie boots from pointer (picture on top) exclusive for See Hear Say readers only to celebrate this birthday month! this pretty shoes would be so easy to wear - pair them up with leggings or pants on cold winter days or they'll be cute with shorts or mini dress over warm season too!

all you need to do is put this code SEEHEARHUH when you check out. this special offer is valid only until 31st january 2012 only, open for both UK and international shipping. sorry this offer has now finished!

so go on then, head over to HUH. store and enjoy!


@sydney: oh really! i didn't notice the quote was that popular! :)

@jess @muchlove @sundari @danica @L* @indie.tea @herecomesthesun @fransisca angela @trudy florence @bohème circus: thanks guys, hope this inspires you to start the new year in good spirits and positive thinking! all the best to you all!

@vintageveggie: i really do hope i can live by these rules as well!

@hila: and the same to you hila!!


  1. Congratulation, Laura!
    I wish you a happy and hopeful 2012:)))

  2. Congratulations on building such a great and creative blog! I love visiting and checking back every time you post something new. I'm going to check out HUH store now!

  3. aw, happy anniversary! I'm trying to remember when I discovered your blog, it must have been a while ago. I'm glad I did :)

  4. Yay Laura, congrats on 3 years of blogging! xx

  5. Happy anniversary! and also, happy new year!

  6. These shoes are gorgeous!

  7. happy blogiversary!!

    and all wonderful things for 2012!

  8. happy blog anniversary, laura! x

  9. Happy Blog anniversary! Well done.


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