giveaway: HUH. tote bags

win: tote bag from HUH. magazine! this is the little giveaway surprise i've mentioned in my previous post. there are 3 cute tote bags from HUH. magazine up for grabs for 3 lucky See Hear Say readers.

i'd like to take this competition as an opportunity to get to know more about all of you! so here's what you need to do to enter the competition: leave a comment on this post and let me know: your age, what do you do and your fave magazine(s). this competition is open for all readers internationally. winners will be drawn randomly on sunday 30th may. good luck everyone!

oh... and to start off and just to be fair, here are my answers :) i'm 27 *i feel old*, i'm an interactive producer currently working at an australian online publisher, my fave magazine is frankie.

p.s. don't forget to check my interview with jack lowe from HUH. magazine here.

*update: sorry, competition has been closed now! thank you all who has joined in, winners will be announced in the newest post monday 31st may.


  1. oh this bag is so funny and lovely at the same time! it would look great around my shoulder, together with my 'huh' face ;)

    anyway; it's my 24th birthday today, and I'm a graphic designer from Belgium! i work for a wallcovering company ( and my favorite magazine is nylon and FLOW (a dutch, crafty magazine with a vintage look)

    keep up the blog, very inspirational!

    love from belgium,


  2. :) I love HUH! and your blog.. so..
    I'm Daria, 24. I'm currently teaching, apart from that I illustrate and drink tea. My favourite magazine is Filter

  3. Very cute!

    I'm 22 years old, huh! and I'm an art student majoring in photography and art history, as well as working at a fruit shop, and my favourite magazines are the obvious Australian ones (Frankie, Russh, Yen, Monster Children etc.) but I really wish Monster Children's side project magazine 'Paperplane' was still in print, that would have been cool!

  4. hello, so cool! well, almost embarrassed to say my age, hehe! am an oldie but goldie! okey, here it goes..32 years, Sales and Merchandising, fav Mags, oh so many...Polish Elle, Dujour, Frankie, Myself...

  5. hi!
    my name is Willeke, about to turn 25 for the third time.I am a fashion illustrator/graphic designer. i recently ordered the bag and everyone loves it so much that i need a spare one, in case someone steels mine...

  6. Hi HUH, hi Laura!
    I´m Essi and I´m turning twenty seven this year too. Let´s see what I do for living for next months, I´m looking for a new job right now eg.from design agencies and studios :) And my favourite magazine is GEO. Greetings from Helsinki!

  7. Hello, I'm a 29-year-old doctor and tote-bag lover. Some of my favourite magazines are Russh, Inside Out, Elle UK and Peppermint. And Apartamento! And Uppercase! And...I should stop there.

    elissa at iinet dot net dot au

  8. well, I'm 20, student from Romania and my fav magazine is Elle!
    love the tote:)

  9. My name is Jill. I am 21. I am a student at the University of Georgia and intern extraordinaire. My favorite magazines are Martha Stewart Weddings (no...I am NOT engaged...), ReadyMade, and Elle Decor. My favorite magazine of all time was Domino (RIP!). Love your blog! Xoxo - Jill

  10. This bag is hilarious and adorable. Well, my name is Huong. 16 turning 17 in one month. :D A year 12 student. My favourite magazine would have to be the Italian Vogue magazine. However, I have many magazines that I love to read. Unfortunately Italian Vogue is at the top of the list.

  11. waaaaa lucunyah!!! mau ikutan ah XD

    My name's Cecil, 27 years old *i also feel old nyehhhhh T_T*, and my favourite magazine is netdiver magazine :)

  12. i'm turning 25 this year, a painter, and..
    i dont really read magazine : ( i read articles from the internet (hope that still count)

  13. Greetings from NZ! I'm so glad it's an international competition. :)
    I'm 20 this year, an architecture student and Frankie as well!! ( They're witty.)

  14. Stephanie

    I work for a disability nonprofit!

    I am 26 years old!

    I love National Georgraphic and Smithsonian Magazines!

  15. Hellooo
    I'm Lauren from South Africa.
    I'm 16, a student and i don't really read magazines although I do love all the images from Lula. I only get to view them online though.

  16. I had no idea that HUH. was a magazine. I thought it was supposed to make you say it out loud in confusion when you see the tote bag.

    My name is Jenni and I turned 21 not-too-long ago, but this age concerns my parents considering I act (&look) significantly younger. I'm in college getting my degrees in photography and fine art. I work part time at a children's science museum. I believe my favourite magazine is Bust.

  17. Wauw, what a lovely bag!
    My name is Tine, I just turned 20 today and I'm still a student, I study business engineering.
    I live in Belgium and my favorite magazine is Vogue. Oh I prefer the South American version!

  18. Hi! My name is Elysse and I will be 24 in August. I am the catalog designer for Anthropologie here in Philadelphia. There are too many magazines to choose from as my favorite but at the top of my list is Sokozine.

  19. Hey!
    this bag is soo cute!

    My name is Anna!
    I'm a 25 half french / half kiwi!
    I work in advertising in Paris
    And my favorite magazine is Technikart

  20. Hej!!

    My name is Mille and I'm from Denmark. Last summer I graduated from High School. So in the moment I work at a primary school, but in August I'm starting at an art- and design school (can't wait).
    My favourite magazine must be Frame and Vogue..

  21. hi.
    i am ktinka and i live in germany. one month ago i went to berlin and started to work at a advertising agency as social media geek. i will do this for 5 more onths and then we will see what happens. i miss taking pictures. my favourite magazine is the gentlewoman, bust and missy magazine. :)

  22. I love tote bags! I think I already have 10, but I'd love this one too! ;)

    I'm 23, I'm a Norwegian law student and my favorite magazines are Danish ELLE, danish Cover, Norwegian Costume and Lula.

    If you get the chance, try some danish fashion magazines, they are the best!

  23. Hello there!

    My name is Felicity.
    I'm currently situated in Brisbane, Australia.
    I'm a multimedia design student at the University of Queensland and,
    my favourite magazine is definitely Frankie.
    Oh and I am 19 - but I turn 20 on the 30th of June funnily enough.

    F xx

  24. jah!

    my name is Sarah-Tai, I live in Vancouver and I am twenty years old. I am a student-bound this September, via Toronto. and one of my favourite magazines is Lula!

  25. Hello!

    I'm 27 years old, inching close to 28...sigh. I'm a college counselor at an after-school program in Harlem, and my favorite mag I would say is People (don't really read too many now that I think about it)

  26. i'm 22, work two jobs in between school and draw/paint obsessively. i love juxtapoz magazine!

  27. I've never heard of HUH. Magazine before, but I think that is THE greatest name for a magazine. EVER. :) hahaha~

    Anyways, my name is Hazel and I'm a 16-year-old (I hope that doesn't reduce my chances...) living in Toronto, Canada. I'm still a high school student but in my free time I enjoy browsing blog after blog after blog--like yours!
    Some of my fav mags: Interview magazine, ACNE Paper, Uppercase & let's not forget-FRANKIE. There's also many online magazines that I worship but it would probably take forever to fill it all in this little comment box.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  28. i'm 27 (we're both old - hehe). i'm a doctoral student and my fave mag is russh :)

  29. have I commented here before? because I've been a follower for probably a year now @_@! lurk lurk.

    my name is pronounced sway, I'm 20, currently in san diego but from san francisco bay area/shanghai, I'm a lover, writer, & photographer, :) and.. I don't really have a favorite magazine! :O

  30. I am 20, a Chemical Engineering Undergrad, and my favorite magazines are Teen Vogue, Elle, and Popular Science.

  31. Hi! :) I've been a follower of your blog for over a year now, and it's always a joy to read.

    I'm 22, just graduated from college so I do whatever I want (mostly reading blogs, bumming at home, enjoying the nice weather), and my favorite magazine is Lula!

  32. Hi, I'm Emilie. Love your blog...

    I'm 23, currently Studying my final 2 weeks of Film and Digital Media but working in Marketing and as a freelance short film/video clip producer.
    And my fave magazine by far is Frankie.


  33. Greetings from Finland! I've just recently found your blog and I love it!

    I'm 28 years old and I work as a project manager in an advertising agency. My fave magazine is Wallpaper.

  34. This bag is adorable! Need it! Also loving your blog! :D

    I'm Danelle, all the way from New Zealand. I'm 24 years old and I'm an in-house graphic designer at a consultancy company. Also do a bit of freelancing in my own time and I'm a wannabe baker!

    Favourite magazine is probably IdN.

    leave a comment on this post and let me know: your age, what do you do and your fave magazine(s).

  35. Hi it's Sally from New Zild

    Fifteen years old and still a wee high schooler

    I like Time, French Vogue and have just discovered Aus's YEN and Frankie magazines

    and HUH. of course!

  36. Hi! Such a funny giveaway, i'll give it a try!

    I'm Flaurette from, I'm 21. I currently live in France where I'm studying art history. My favourite magazine would be...huuum...FLOW! (a dutch magazine).

    Have a great day! and thank you for this nice opportunity!

  37. yay!

    i'm gabriela. i'm studying a master in environment & i'm also a volunteer in ngos, and my fave magazine is frankie too!


    ps. just checked the huh. magazine website...!

  38. Cool giveaway! Well, I'm Cassie...I'm 24 years old, I work as a model at Hollister Co. at the moment (trying to find another job lol), and my favorite magazines are probably the girly ones..Cosmo, etc.


  39. we need more HUH moments in our lives.
    i'm monica and i'm a student turned (f)unemployed graduate in art history and international studies! I consider all the blogs I follow my favorite magazines and my fave print mags are ELLE (KOREA, UK, US) and LULA.

  40. AHH! Cute, amazing, wonderful! I love it. I'm kind of a typophile. :0)
    My name is Jessica. I'm 22, and am currently a student (majoring in Visual Communication). My favorite magazine right now is CMYK because it's so majorly inspiring to me to see other students' work.

  41. I'm 19 and still a student. My fave magazine is Zee lifestlye. :)

  42. Hi there,

    I'm Melissa, 23 years old. I'm a graphic designer and photographer from Belgium. You can visit my portfolio at or visit me at my blog. I love to read IDN.

  43. Yay awesome giveaway hun!

    I'm Amanda, 22 (23 in a few weeks though!), I'm a Personal Assistant and my fave mag is Frankie too :)

  44. nice giveaway!
    I'm Annelies, 19, I'm currently studying art and I'm still on university, and my fav mag is nylon and supersuper!
    keep up the blog!

  45. Hi, I am the grandma here! I'm Nel, 34 and primary school teacher in Ghent, Belgium. My magazine is Time! I love your blog and I love your bag...

  46. great giveaway!! i`m rahel, 18 and still at school. my favorite magazines are both from switzerland; kinki & das magazin...

  47. Hi, there :)
    I'm Ella, from Argentina, currently a student at an Arts School, planning on studying Film Making, I'm 18, and I don't read that many mags, only 2 from here: Para Teens and Seventeen. I'm adding Frankie too, because thanks to you I found it and love it :D

    ella_press AT

    I'm now following you!

  48. Hellow!

    Cute bag!
    I love all your pics in the blog.

    Is this really an international giveaway?
    I'm from Japan, a lover of herbs, and I am the grand grand mother here! lol
    I'll only say that I'm over 35.
    I don't read a lot of magazines but sometimes I read Big Issue.

  49. I'm 22, I'm a Graphic Design major and I work in the print center in OfficeMax (>_<) and my favorite magazine is Game Informer (yay girl gamers!)

  50. Hullo, my name is Jess. I'm 20, a Marketing and Sociology major working as a bored receptionist by day and bored bar wench by night. My favourite magazine is also Frankie! I love it passionately, my boyfriend worries that "Frankie" is actually a person and that I will leave him for them. Also, pretty matte pages give me heart palpitations.

  51. name is katie! my age is 19 :)
    I am taking time off from university and moving to germany to au pair for a year.
    my favourite magazine is rolling stone

  52. such a wonderful bag!
    I adore Frankie, but my all-time favourite magazine would have to be Lula.

  53. Hey !

    My name is right over there, and for now, I'm just a regular student in hight school. (Which means I'm 17 years old!)
    My favorite magazine... well, I think I haven't any. But I love to read theater play and my last recent crush is for "On ne badine pas avec l'amour" from Musset.

    I hope I haven't make too much mistakes, I do not write english very often.
    Des bisouus <3

  54. Oh, exciting! I'm in dire need of a new bag, so this would be perfect! :)
    I'm Heleen, 17 (turning 18 in October!). I'm currently still studying but my final exams are next month and then I intend on inhaling summer until I breathe sunshine instead of oxygen. My favourite magazines are ZOO, i-D and Lula magazine.

  55. Hello!
    I wish Huh. was available in Australia :(
    always the way, non?
    I'm 19, and a student! I love Frankie & also Spook magazine.


  56. that is a really cute bag!

    I'm 28 (as of this past Thursday). I'm a prospective law student as of this fall as well as a photographer for fun. My fav magazine is Living Etc.

  57. I'm a 24 year old Australian primary school teacher who enjoys baking, crafting and making clothes in my spare time. My favourite magazine is frankie!

  58. Hi! I am 33 and an engineer who plays with electricity. The last magazine I bought was "green" and my friends gave me a Donna Hay Magazine subscription for my last birthday. Apart from that I read whatever my sister lends me, including Real Living, Living etc, Inside Out and Vogue Living.

    Totes are always good, I carry a crumpled cloth bag in my handbag for my purchases. Great to roll up and crumpled because I have washed it a few times and do not iron!

  59. hola! i'm 21, my part-time day job is in arts marketing but my real love is writing, photography and volunteering in a zine shop! frankie is definitely an oldie but a goodie but i also have a soft spot for spook and fallen. x

  60. Hey,
    What a nice tote :)
    I'm 16 years old so I still go to school and my favourite magazine is Nylon although it isn't available where I live so I don't get to read it very often...


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