giveaway: sponsored by online shopping usa

by - 9/06/2011

let's celebrate spring today (as well as my birthday, by the way) with a giveaway post! there are not just one but two adorable flower necklaces - picture above - for you to win!

this time around see hear say giveaway is sponsored by a friend of mine from online shopping usa. these guys are a great new website showcasing the best online stores from the US. thanks for being generous guys!

so anyway, here's what you need to do to win:

♥ leave a comment to answer this question: do u shop online and if so, tell us what u love most about online shopping?
♥ click on the facebook like button on this post and leave me another comment for an extra entry.
♥ tweet about this giveaway post and leave me another comment for another entry.

competition is extended until sunday 18th september 11.59pm AEDT and random lucky winners will be drawn and announced on the next day. good luck!

*updated* competition is closed now. congratulations to two lucky winners: lily and jane. girls, please email me at to claim your prize! thanks to everyone else who has participated.

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  1. hi! thanks for this great giveaway! i usually shop online - mostly for convenience.
    p.s. your photos are gorgeous!


  3. happy birthday! i've online shopped online a couple times. thanks for hosting the giveaway (:

    ps. i'm hosting a giveaway on my blog too. hope you check it out.

  4. Fist Happy Birthday! I shop online most of all because online there are things that i can never find in the shop of my town


  5. I don't do that much online shopping but when I do what I love is just the sheer amount of choice there is. There's just so much out there!

  6. Happy Birthday first of all! I hope you were/are having a great day :)

    What I love about online shopping is that it is so easy and relaxed - no waiting in front of the changing rooms, no other people in your way...
    Maybe even have a cup of tea with it :)

    Lonely Afternoon

  7. Also tweeted the link to the post.
    See here

  8. And clicked the facebook like button as well. :)

  9. besides the 24/7 convenience, i love online shopping because it facilitates researching for the best deals.

  10. Very cute :3
    Les deux sont splendides!

    Bonne journée!

  11. I shop online and I love it because it means I can be in my pajamas drinking a cup of tea and buying the pretty things I want!

  12. happy birthday first of all!

    i do shop online... usually you can find the most sales that way and sometimes places like anthro and urban don't carry all their products in each store so you have to go online to find what you want.

  13. i also clicked the "like" button :)

  14. oh happy spring and your birthday! Those occasions should always be celebrated. I love online shopping for bargains.. and that i don't have to carry huge bags all the way to my home. :)

  15. Yes, i shop online because it is very convenient!

  16. Good to see this blog i love to see thanks for sharing