see: aubrey's photographs from her india trip at her blog hope this lasts

it hasn't really sinked in yet that i'm going on holiday soon but it's getting closer to the date i will be flying to india. we will be flying to cochi in kerala for an indian wedding then heading north for a tour at new delhi, agra and jaipur. thanks to liss and aubrey for sharing your experiences with me to help me deciding and planning the trip. have you been to india before? any tips and trips to share with me would be much much appreciated!

nice winter sunny days this weekend in sydney, have a good one!

wear: leather shoes from the horse, an australian label based in sydney.

i am loving my new pair of louise, thank you so much to the horse for making my cold winter days more exciting and stylish! above photos courtesy of the horse and the last two are unprofessional shots from my instagram :)

the horse have some other nice selection of shoes like a pair of mavis that liss from daydream lily is wearing here or a pair of blue hermine that amanda from here comes the sun is wearing here

would you like to get your very own pair too? the horse has kindly offered a special 20% discount for you. to claim this offer simply put in promotional code 'seehearsay' on the check out; they're also shipping internationally. note that this offer is only valid until 1st july!! so what are you waiting for? hurry up and shop now

have a lovely weekend!

hear: hondo by beta frontiers featuring miss becky ninkovic.

we love music and we're bringing back tuesday tunes at Half/Half facebook page. it's been slow but we're preparing couples of updates on our Half/Half project, so please bear with us while jo is settling herself back in hanoi. in the mean time, share your tunes with us and stay in touch on facebook :)

see: home products by japanese designer oji masanori's label oji & design

here are some wooden and metal inspirations for nice addition to your home. you could get some of their products at mr kitly.

+++ on a side note +++ 

as you can see i have been having this lazy blogger syndrome. i just have been doing stuff offline more than i am online these days and i don't want to force myself to blog for the sake of putting some posts up when my heart isn't fully at it, if you know what i mean... do you feel like this too sometimes?
angelika taschen's home via the selby

whowhatwear's office via everything fabulous

ellie sommerville's studio via the lonny blog

string furniture photographed by petra bindle

apologies for being so slow at posting these days, i have been really busy with work and moving house... i haven't been doing any sparkapolooza briefs, i'm behind with all my blog readings and i completely screwed all my healthy may plans too :( 

it's ok, it's a new month (can you believe it's june already aggghhh!) and i need to be positive and get motivated and start eating healthier to make up for what i lost last month.

still in the spirit of moving house, i've been eyeing a lot of interior eye candy so bear with me if my next posts would most likely be around this topic. 

we haven't got any new furnitures at our new place as our budget was pretty much spent for renovations, so i've been quite fussy with decorating and styling and organising because small details matter and can make a difference. my next mission is bookshelf and above are some of my likings found on the internet. here's what i've learned:

▲ put different styles of stacking your books. have them stood up, piled up or tilted.

▲ colour coordination. light coloured, dark coloured or certain shades of coloured books sitting together.

▲ add some frames of photos or artworks. or show off a few of your nice looking book covers facing front.

▲ few stacks of boxes would be nice and handy to keep your stationery or knick-knacks.

▲ last but not least, combine with some natural coloured objects so not too overpowering the books, which are the main feature of what a bookshelf should have. i found white objects being used a lot - vases, candles, small sculptures. and globes are very popular too.

i now have some homework to tidy up and hunt for a few artworks to put on my bookshelf. have you got any articles about bookshelf styling that you've come across? or maybe a picture of your own bookshelf to share? do send the links through to me!

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