oji & design

see: home products by japanese designer oji masanori's label oji & design

here are some wooden and metal inspirations for nice addition to your home. you could get some of their products at mr kitly.

+++ on a side note +++ 

as you can see i have been having this lazy blogger syndrome. i just have been doing stuff offline more than i am online these days and i don't want to force myself to blog for the sake of putting some posts up when my heart isn't fully at it, if you know what i mean... do you feel like this too sometimes?


  1. Ooo those would be such cute additions to the house! And I know exactly what you mean! You'd rather blog to blog instead of making it feel like an obligation to...at least that's how I feel sometimes haha :P

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. I feel like that all the time, Laura

  3. Wood is so sweet and warm in touch, much more friendly :-)

  4. That party tray where you can hold your cup and tray in one hand is genius!!
    And yes I totally get how you feel about blogging reluctance. I've been that way for months!

  5. i do love wooden homewares. Love the geometry of these pieces!


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