see: cheerful and colourful design and illustrations by thereza rowe, based in london.

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see: beat residential loft by studio loop architects from japan.

this just blows my mind, i want to live in this white square box! so quirky, so modern, so stylish. 

and yay i hit my 1000 google followers benchmark! thanks everyone for reading my blog, you make my day!

see: awesome portraits by katharina poblotzki from berlin.

so by the way guys, it's nearly the end of the month which means it's getting closer and closer till the voting for the lovelies awards ends. as you know i'm entering this award for design category and now they cut down to show the top 10 blogs for each category, and i am so glad to find out that i'm still in the run!

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hear: still sound by toro y moi (official video shot on super 8 camera by steve daniels)

apart from the fact that the aircon died for about half time of the show, their live performance was so much fun. i still can't get enough of this song and it keeps playing over and over in my head. and doesn't this video make you want to dance?

see: short films made for EF live the language campaign.

four different countries, four different languages, and they are all really well shot, beautiful cinematography and typography too. love it so much, this is what i call great advertising!

*found via black eiffel*

see: sea stone works by mitsuru koga from japan.

aren't these tiny little guys would just be such a great addition to your home, office or studio? i want a family of tiny sea stones both the vases and the ones with legs! what are you up to this weekend? wish you all have a good one!

district dining / train station

surfers at bondi beach, on australia day

chinatown, it's the year of rabbit!

i finally got my first film roll from diana mini developed! i'm only happy with less than half of the results i got but that's ok, it's all about trials and errors and that's the fun part right! can't wait to shoot my second roll and experiment more. i think next time i'm going to try the half frame shots. see some more of my diana mini shots on my flickr set

for those of you lomo enthusiasts, i do have to share with you these two awesome blogs: diana mini love and hello holga. if you have any tips and tricks or feedback or experiences or links to share please do leave me a comment, i'm a newbie and want to explore more! who would have thought plastic cameras could be so cool?

* all photos taken by moi * camera: diana mini * film: fujicolor superia ISO400 *
shop: at leeloo. this australian online design shop supporting handmade goods has a brand new cute website! go visit their site for artworks and knicks knacks either for yourself or as gifts. here are a few of my favourite findings. enjoy!

adorable prints by sarah mcneil (remember my interview with her on this old post?)

limited edition prints by kelly smith, how beautiful is this!!

cute little clouds accessories from and o design.

see: somewhere. and elle fanning photographed by steven pan for interview magazine.

finally went to see the movie at beautiful sydney open air cinema last night and i really enjoyed it. it's sofia coppola's typical movies with the stillness, photographical, non-dialog scenes which i think bring out the emotional moments more. and there are just a few scenes of randomness that just made me laugh. have you seen it yet? oh, and elle fanning is just so so pretty. 

see: fashion shots from collaboration between jo elaine and lukimages, based in indonesia.

these are a few shots they've done for dewi magazine issue january 2011. all of them are amazing, but i have to say my favourites are the ones that didn't get published. so anyway, jo elaine (who is the stylist behind these nice spreads) is a childhood friend from my primary school. and we met again on facebook after many many years. nice work elaine, so glad to know that you're doing well!

hear: i follow rivers by lykke li.

this is the latest single from her new album wounded rhymes. if you didn't know already, yes i'm quite a fan of her music! i went to see her live gig once and it was so good, hope she's coming to australia again!

*photos from lykke li's official website, if you know who the photographer is please let me know*

see: waldeinsamkeit by ashley moe, based in minneapolis, USA.

it's a beautiful illustration book and this talented young lady has installed it in a pretty wooden box with a music box. apparently waldeinsamkeit is the german word for "the feeling of being alone in the woods". in the hot hot days in sydney where the wind just feels like a giant hairdryer blows to your face in maximum heat, this just makes me smile. her blog sleepy fawn is just enchanting. 

see: artworks by lily x, based in singapore.

i first got introduced to lily's works from her submission to my other blog how's your weekend. i think she's very creative and i just love her watercolour paintings, they're so delicate and neat!

on a side note... that would mean a lot to me if you have a chance to vote for my blog in this lovelies awards on the design category! my favourite blog here comes the sun is also entering the awards for the photography category, so do vote for her too :)

see: beautiful shots by valerie chiang, born in taiwan and currently based in raleigh, north carolina.

so nice and so light and simple and sweet. these are a few photos taken from her scenic world series.

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