katharina poblotzki

see: awesome portraits by katharina poblotzki from berlin.

so by the way guys, it's nearly the end of the month which means it's getting closer and closer till the voting for the lovelies awards ends. as you know i'm entering this award for design category and now they cut down to show the top 10 blogs for each category, and i am so glad to find out that i'm still in the run!

if you do enjoy reading my posts i would really really appreciate it if you could please spend few seconds to vote for me - please go to this link to leave a comment on that post and click the "like" button via your facebook. thanks very much for all of you who have voted!


  1. I love Sofia's portrait she looks so pretty!
    I voted for you, good luck!

  2. yes it is sofia coppola on the third picture! anyone can guess who's on the last picture? no cheating and don't go to katharina's site before you answer this! :)

  3. these are just beautiful! thanks for sharing :) x

  4. these portraits are stunning!! and yes I will vote for yu for sure lovely. x

  5. is the fourth picture florence + the machine? the hair...

  6. I like your t-shirt.


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