model: livia
make-up: jo chan

end of the year 2009 and i was having my first photoshoot with my friends! isn't livia such a pretty doll? and jo has been such a good makeup artist! here are a few of my favourite shots; see more and behind the scene photos at my flickr. any feedback or tips, do have your say please! cheers to 2010 and happy new year to you all!

see: beautiful photos by simon filip. so many great young photographers these days, wish i can steal a bit of their talent! buy some of simon's photos at his etsy shop. and btw can you believe that we have only 2 days left of year 2009?

sharing some photos from my small trip with siblings to the entrance and shelly beach at central coast NSW.

funny it's meant to be summer but it was unexpectedly raining and cloudy pretty much the whole time we were there, so unfortunately no sunbaking this time. even i had to use over exposure setting on my camera all the time, because it was dark and grey. it was though a nice and relaxing break away from sydney regardless. highlights of the trip: pelicans and other birdies, instant noodles, red wine and chocolates from christmas, tea and coffee, cakes, hot showers and lots of napping.

care to share your christmas with me? hope you've had a wonderful time.

i wish i'm having a white christmas, but regardless christmas is still my most favourite holiday throughout the year! it's summer over here in sydney, tomorrow we're going for a small road trip to central coast for a couple of days. lots of lazy sunbaking on the beach coming up. what about you? i'm off enjoying my chilled rosé now! either summer or winter on your end, wishing you all a wonderful christmas and have a fabulous holiday!!! *photo from seafarings*

see: rune guneriusse projects. genius and talented!!! and oh oh oh tomorrow is last day at work!!

listen: basic space by the xx (photo by sebastian kim). new addiction!! happy monday music! *thanks jo*

see: photos by jeffrey david luker. let's fall asleep together? just 3 more sleeps to the holiday, i can't wait.

see other awesome photo projects found on other blogs:
cybele malinowski tell your own love story *via jodeska*

do you know any other photo project sites? share with me if you know any good ones please!

see: the lost princess. full of gorgeous photography, inspiring still images from movies and fairy tale treasures, brings me back to my childhood memory. less than a week to go to christmas everyone! happy friday!

buy: the suitcase series, camilla engman's first book! she is one inspiring and creative woman, and the famous morran - her dog - is just the most adorable dog in the blogland! how cute is she with her little booklet? all photos are from camilla engman's blog.

see: awesome awesome doodles and quotes by notebook doodles. i can not believe i've missed this blog all this time! anyway, i just specifically stop by to pick this doodle as a reminder both for myself as well as for you. always remember this.

see: new travel photo series by erica shires. it has been a while since the last time i visited her site, she has a new flash movies collection too. talking about travel, can i tell you that i just can not wait for the christmas holiday, i'm counting down every single day! what's your plan this christmas?

i got me my own christmas pressie, frankie's photo album, which just arrived yesterday. so happy! you must have heard about that book a few times now, so instead of that, i would love to share my other favourites. a while ago i went to an opening night of corbis creatives behind the lens photo exhibition at MCA, and i got some free pretty photo books to bring home. here are a few favourites, see some more at my flickr. are you treating yourself a little christmas present too?

see: come darkness, beautiful collection of artworks installed by maria alexandra vetesse for chellise wilson art and clothes boutique.

i still have a couple more posts coming up on here comes the sun, do come for a visit :) and for those of you who are in jakarta, don't forget is on this saturday, wish i could be there!

see: liz ham commercial and fashion photography. she takes such beautiful pictures and each in a very different style.

on a side note, have you ever read this awesome blog here comes the sun? this blog is full of prettiness and inspirations. and next week i'll be sharing some stuffs there as a guest blogger! very excited, and i hope to see you there!

visit: so, i don't know how many of you are actually located in indonesia, but this event is definitely worth a visit. i mean really, i might haven't gone back to my home country for a while, but in jakarta, how often would you get dressed up, enjoying afternoon tea while browsing on pretty clothes and accessories made by indie local artists / designers and all for a good cause? keep yourself free on the date! my friend chare would also be showcasing her new jewellery line made on a sunday (more info to come). wish i could be there.
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