corbis photo books

i got me my own christmas pressie, frankie's photo album, which just arrived yesterday. so happy! you must have heard about that book a few times now, so instead of that, i would love to share my other favourites. a while ago i went to an opening night of corbis creatives behind the lens photo exhibition at MCA, and i got some free pretty photo books to bring home. here are a few favourites, see some more at my flickr. are you treating yourself a little christmas present too?


  1. Oh my goodness this book looks wonderful! I especially like the top picture. I wonder if i can get it in New Zealand... Hmm.

    Thank you so much for sharing on my blog this week, I've enjoyed your posts so much!

  2. I've been treating myself a bit too much lately (books, clothes, and hot chocolates!)
    That book looks great. Are there any left?

  3. How come I didn't get a book??

  4. @setyourselfonfire: thanks :)

    @sundari: not sure, but if there are, i'm not sure where you can grab them from, sorry!

    @joeii: because you didn't take them home! there were quite a few on the table and we asked them if we can take home and they said feel free to do so hehehe...


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