merry christmas!!

i wish i'm having a white christmas, but regardless christmas is still my most favourite holiday throughout the year! it's summer over here in sydney, tomorrow we're going for a small road trip to central coast for a couple of days. lots of lazy sunbaking on the beach coming up. what about you? i'm off enjoying my chilled rosé now! either summer or winter on your end, wishing you all a wonderful christmas and have a fabulous holiday!!! *photo from seafarings*


  1. Here in Brazil is summer too about 35° to 40°C every day... I never saw snow... I wish a day that I could see snow, so,

    Today is eve of a important day,

    I’m here to share joy and wish you a merry Christmas full of happiness, a very big hug!

  2. Great photo. I wish I could have a little christmas house like that! :) But I'm sure hot Christmases are just as fun, enjoy the beach!

  3. lovely photo! merry christmas :)

  4. hope you've had a lovely break. looking forward to seeing what you deliver in 2010!


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