Takayama etc

Here are some of my favourite memories about Takayama:

♥ Walking around the old streets and check out the many little cafes, food stalls and souvenir shops
♥ Sushi on rice crackers from Hida Kotte Ushi
♥ Green tea souffle from Chanome
♥ Hunting hida beef for dinner pretty much every night, the most amazing we had was from Hidagyu Maruaki - it was so tasty that we ate it all and forgot to take photos!
♥ Sarubobo everywhere, which I think is in the border between cute and uh.. a little creepy because it has no facial features?

Old Street at Takayama

Some sake brewery at the Old Street, Takayama

Sushi from Hida Kotte Ushi

Green Tea Souffle from Chanome

Soeur Cafe, Takayama

Hida Miso Beef from some of restaurant I can't remember the name in Takayama; tasty but not as amazing as what we had at Hidagyu Maruaki

Apart of wandering around Takayama streets and looked at all the shops and cafes and ate delicious food, we went to a world heritage site Shirakawa-go for sightseeing. A really really pretty village surrounded by the mountains. Alice has been during winter time; I've seen some photos and this village looks even prettier when dressed in all white because of the snow - I could imagine it would have been like stepping into a Christmas card.

Shirakawa-Go in Autumn

A closer look of the village

These cute Japanese traditional houses and the grass - are they called pampas grass?

More traditional houses at Shirakawa-Go

I wish I could cut a bunch of these furry grass and bring them home with me!

Cute souvenir shop at the village

And below are some shots from another sightseeing at Hida Folk Village where we got to see some architecture of the old traditional Japanese farm houses. The autumn colours are insanely beautiful here, from green to yellow to orange to red to brown.

Hida Folk Village, Takayama

Map of Hida Folk Village, Takayama

Fat fish and fat ducks

Breathing in the autumn air

A little Japanese temple thingy