Hear are some of the favourite things I remember when I visited this cute little town, not in any particular order.

Cute white and charcoal patterned houses lined up along the streets and the weekend flea market.

Matsumoto City Museum of Art. I thought it was Yayoi Kusama's dedicated museum but not really. There were a few of her artworks and installations displayed though, and Kusama's influence is definitely apparent everywhere around the town (or well, to be honest around Japan too?). Quick fun fact: Matsumoto is Yayoi Kusama's hometown.

A little ceramic homeware shop Hotaka Craft where we bought a set of Japanese ceramic bowls and little plates. Best thing ever, and possibly the most affordable ceramic homeware shop I found in Japan, mind you I probably didn't go to many. I really wish I bought a lot more stuff from this shop.

The cutest bakery with the most delicious pastries called サパンジ. This one was suggested by my friend Misa of EATadakimasu.

Vibrant autumn foliage, little shrines and Japanese festival.

And the famous Matsumoto Castle that looks just exactly like the Japanese castle emoji.