Earlier this year I got to hang out in Taiwan with Misa my friend and co-founder of QoQo and my sister Alice a.k.a. the doodler and story teller behind randomberries. You could check Instagram posts from our Taiwan trip here and below I've got a few selected shots from my camera.

Streets of Taipei

Food heaven

From restaurants to street food to cute cafes to night markets to bubble tea shops. Food in Taipei does not disappoint and they're super affordable. Here are some of the memorable ones that we ate.

Fuhang Soy Milk is the best Taiwanese breakfast ever. We even woke up early to line up and come back for a repeat.

Hao Gong Dao's Shop offers delicious dumplings and various Taiwanese cakes and pastries.

Taoyuan Street beef noodle soup.

Ay-chung flour rice noodles soup, a hearty and tasty street food in the middle of busy shopping area.

Urban Select is one cute cafe that sells quirky knick-knacks. Portion is pretty generous too.

Here's the big temple in the middle of Shilin Night Market (apparently a night market is usually built around a temple).

Creative Parks

Possibly one of the things that came as a pleasant surprise to us was the art and culture sites in Taipei. There were a lot of old heritage buildings turned into creative sites for art exhibitions, cute cafes and shops, so much happening and these seem to be where the young people hang out on the weekend. Each site we visited has its own different quirks and charms.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Wooderful Life, the famous wooden music box shop inside Huashan 1914

Team Lab's exhibition at Huashan 1914

Treasure Hill artist village

Some of the green corners at Treasure Hill

Treasure Hill artists village, a bit raw and run-down but quirky and beautiful

That's all for today. Next post: a short video clip from our overall trip in Taiwan + photos from our day trip to Jiufen and Shifen.


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