Jiufen and Shifen

Outside Taipei we went for a day trip to Jiufen and Shifen. So much fun. A video wrap of our overall Taiwan trip at the end of this post.


Packed with people, very touristy but also authentic, so much food to try and so much fun!
A Mei Tea House, the inspiration of Studio Ghibli's movie Spirited Away that I have yet to watch

Busy streets of Jiufen

A-Zhu Peanut Ice Cream Roll - MUST. EAT. Please take a note if you are going to Jiufen.

One interesting souvenir shop at Jiufen

Wu Di ‘Flower Lady’ Taiwanese Sausage - another MUST. EAT.


Supposedly people go to Shifen for the sky lantern and to see Shifen Waterfall. But because we went to Jiufen on the same day, by the time we got to Shifen it was almost dark so we skipped the waterfall. 

The sky lantern was a lot of fun! As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the hustle and bustle spread along the railway track full of tourists prepping to release their sky lanterns. Who would have thought the railway track is actually still being actively used; the train passed at least twice when we were there hahaha!

Video snippet

Last but not least, here's a little video snippet of our trip. Thanks Taiwan, it has been so much fun! (Music The Obeisant by Helios)


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