Canbera Balloon Spectacular

Here's part one of my "Looking Back at My 2016" photos that have been sitting in my storage unsorted for ages. After talking about it for so many times Jo and I finally made it to see Balloon Spectacular in Canberra earlier this year and we were just losing it. So much excitement. 

I also think I lost all of my photography skill (all that time I spent on photography course back then...) and couldn't capture things properly even with my compact camera, sigh. I blame iPhone.

Anyway here's a short series of photos from the venue that I think are pretty decent to showcase from when we arrived when it was still dark to the last hot air balloon took off.

On another note, I remember when I told people I was going to Canberra for a weekend away people would give me a weird look and asked 'really?'. But guys, Canberra is pretty cool these days and I like their cafes too. And people are friendlier and they don't drive aggressively like they do in Sydney. I wouldn't mind at all going back for a short weekend away every now and then.

Fun places that ticked off the list within our short trip (in alphabetical order):

Merry Christmas!