Melbourne Lomos

A few forgotten lomo shots from my trip to Melbourne back in 2014 (gasp!). Two rolls of films have been sitting in dust for few years and I finally got them developed and it's always good to look back on the stuff I did or places I went to then. Probably also the main reason why I also keep this blog up and running.

Photo 1, 2: cute little beach houses at Brighton
Photo 3: some long jetty somewhere.. was it also at Brighton?
Photo 4, 5: Pretty sure this was food from St Ali at South Melbourne and the alleyway across it. I don't really remember what I ate but I remember it being super delicious.
Photo 6: it's me, yay :)


  1. These are wonderful! I have the feeling Australia is an amazing place, but it's sooooo far from here that I don't know if I'll actually visit someday. Living vicariously through posts like this though;)

    1. Aw thanks for your comment, didn't know people still do visit and comment on my blog so much appreciated :)


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