Eat: I still remember that every single places we went to eat was so delicious and the portion was much more generous compared to Sydney. Happy! Here's our list of food adventure - all highly recommended:
Breakfast at The Hood Milk Bar - good food, good GELATO, cute and cosy too (photo 1)
Lunch at The Lucky Hotel - it's a pub (but a cute one) so you could drink too or you could come for dinner if you prefer. If you go with boys they would surely love this place, so much tasty meaty dishes on the menu.
Dinner at The Edwards - again, delicious and generous. And I remember it wasn't loud which is a good place for dinner catch up because you don't have to yell to each other.
Breakfast at Goldbergs Coffee House - awesome food and coffee and dessert.

Something that we missed because we didn't have enough time and they're not open on Sunday: Hello Naomi (2nd photo from the bottom). We just got some cookies before they closed down for the day on Saturday *sad face* so next time I go back to Newcastle, I would definitely put this on my priority list to go back!

Hunt & Gather Markets (photo 2 and 3) - cute stalls with knick-knacks and food and music, good atmosphere.
Newcastle Ocean Baths and Merewether Ocean Baths. Both of them MUST GO, they're very different and pretty!

That is all for now :)