Tiny Canal Cottage

The Tiny Canal Cottage is possibly one of the most beautiful and inspiring tiny space I've come across on the internet. The residents of this house are a creative director and lifestyle consultant (duh, of course!) Whitney Leigh Morris, her fiance Adam Winkleman and their dog Stanlee.

This house consists of 3 rooms - the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room that's also their office, dining room to host some gathering (!!) or sometimes a guest room (!!!). I read on Whitney's instagram and she said that they had visitors who stayed over for a night but also others for 3 weeks. I know right! And just look at their pretty little court yard and outdoor area. Everything in their place is just super pretty and magazine like, that sometimes I questioned whether this place is even real or is it just for a display. But looking at their instagram, how would you do such frequent update taking photos of the house unless you live there?

I do have some questions for them like: where do they keep all of their stuff? How often do they clean the house? What happens to all the outdoor furniture on rainy days, do they pack everything inside and if so where do they store them? 

Nonetheless, it's definitely inspiring and a house that I aspire mine to be. Ever since I read Marie Kondo's book, I'm getting more and more serious in my study about minimalism and slowly put this into practice. And just like Kondo, I guess simplicity and downsize are the two key ingredients to live in a house like this.