This Wild Idea

i first came across into theron humphrey and his best friend maddie the coonhound over instagram. yes, i follow so many different insta dogs and i am addicted.. but this account so much more than just shots of cute dogs that i ended up scrolling and stalking over hundreds and hundreds of photos back.

later i started exploring and learnt so many achievements, so many different amazing projects that theron has done. all of theron's photographs and adventures are truly inspiring. somewhat makes me feel a little bit insignificant as i haven't been doing any new projects recently. and this also makes me want to go travelling, i shall book a trip somewhere.

i have been having a hard time picking which photos i should showcase on my blog. these shots are just a teaser i can tell you that, there are so many more over his site this wild idea and other social media channels you could find from there. enjoy.


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