last year in between the busy schedule of my brother's wedding, my sister and i managed to squeeze in a super short trip to bangkok. here's a short list of places we went to in bangkok that i would recommend. expect a lot of food suggestions. yes!

the view from the BTS on the way to chatuchak market.
we went to their branch in asoke, and i was so surprised to see they have their own building with a lobby like a five star hotel style and there were so many international tourists too booking in their massage! i had the 2-hour thai traditional massage and it was such a pleasant much needed indulgence that you have to to have when in bangkok.

coconut ice cream at chatuchak market
the most amazing and BIGGEST market i have ever been. we spent a full day there and yet we didn't go through everything and also got lost too many times. they sell everything, and i really mean that literally everything. get your bargain mode on for all types of clothes, bags, accessories, handcrafted objects etc etc etc. and as pictured above, don't forget to have their famous delicious refreshing coconut ice cream (we had a few!) and snack on the fried quail eggs.

one of the cool exhibitions we saw at bacc
this is another must visit place when you are in bangkok. they have different exhibitions of some cool art at a nice photogenic building. it's a nice relaxing place to take a break from the busy and the noise of the big city and get cultured.

tom yum pizza from audrey cafe.
food. food. food. 
oh gosh where can i start. the food in bangkok: AMAZING and put that word in caps. here's the must eat foods that i would highly recommend. if i ever go back to bangkok, i would happily eat all of these again without any hesitation. no regret of ruining all my diet!

audrey cafe - cute interior, but most importantly order their tom yum pizza. just thinking about this now makes me drool!!

shibuya honey toast from after you dessert cafe.
after you dessert cafe - there are different things in the menu and we tried their shibuya honey toast. heaven in my mouth, it was easily the most amazing toast i had in my life.

soi polo fried chicken.
soi polo fried chicken - honest, down to earth, authentic and delicious. get the fried chicken AND the grilled pork. they don't have a website, but this blog captured all the yummy photos and address.

taling pling - this is one of the unexpectedly amazing food that we found in one of the malls. again, i couldn't find their website but this blog has and says it all. must order dish: stir fried cowslip creeper flowerets with vermicelli and prawn (not pictured).

bangkok trip was short and sweet and the food was amazing. i will be back one day.

all photos from my instagram, there are more if you search for hashtag #lauratjtraveldiary :)


  1. To be honest, I like your blog very much! I think that you do a great job! Everything is so beautiful! I know that blog requires much time, but keep doing it!

    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. it does take a lot of time does it, while blog is not on my top priority anymore, i'd like to keep it as my personal space whenever i want to post or share something. so appreciated that people still do read and visit every now and then, thank you :)


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