walter mitty

i started this year with an inspirational, feel-good, warm-hearted movie: walter mitty

have you seen this movie? what did you think?

thank you for those of you who left me comments on my previous post, i am surprised (good surprise!) that you stick around and i really appreciate it. at times i feel uninspired to post anything at all but other times i miss it. hopefully i have some more interesting things to share with you here this year?

stay cool.

all photos from walter mitty movie's instagram.


  1. I went to see Walter Mitty on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) with my family (kids & partner). We all really liked the film, it's sweetness and stunning cinematography. For my son (aged 13 1/2) it was his film of the year.


  2. Love it so much. We should watch it when we're sad.

  3. I really want to watch it now I read the post ! Pictures are motivating :-)


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