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just posting a few last shots from sydney awesomeness earlier this year. 

daphne on her vintage floral hat and dress at the fifties fair 2013.

reflection pool
reflection pool, auburn botanic gardens. one of the places in sydney that i think is a bit underrated. they're good as is but a bit of love and little maintenance to upgrade would be even better for them.

japanese garden
japanese garden, auburn botanic gardens. note to self: should visit this place again next time during cherry blossom season.

the duck
the giant rubber ducky from sydney festival earlier this year. way overdue photo post.

how are you enjoying your break so far? i ate way too much and start to worry about my weight. heck it's still holiday so let's worry about that next year shall we! i'll leave you with this post how to keep the spirit of christmas all year long and see you in 2014 :)

camera: ricoh 35 EFS / film: lucky 100


  1. I love the giant rubber ducky! Anyway, nice photos! :-)

  2. do you process your rolls yourself? love the last one; b&w is so beautiful

    1. Thanks Alice, no I didn't process the rolls myself but I have found a favourite shop who does this really well to my liking :)

    2. thanks for replying.

      i happen to live in jakarta; do you know where i can process my 35mm too? the one near my house has stopped offering the service :(

    3. i don't really know any in jakarta, sorry.. i live in sydney and developed mine at local shop here.

      can i suggest you to contact fransisca angela from, she might be able to recommend some places for you :)


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