DIY pot planters

cardboard hanging pot by weekday carnival

you can buy these hand painted pots from hunt & bow but it would also be a good DIY project?

oven-bake clay pots by say yes to hoboken

if you're following my instagram, you would probably have noticed that i'm quite into plants and succulents these days! i've mentioned before how i used to kill plants.. but now that i figure them out (sort of) i actually quite like gardening and i think succulents are cute! i'm currently trying to grow some out of leave cuttings. anyway, here are a few ideas of cute DIY planters for your home. 

have a nice weekend!


  1. they are all so cute! i bought a terrarium for this very reason but i never actually got round to putting plants in. looks great on its own :)

    steph /

  2. one of each, please! (can i just have someone make them for me? :)

  3. I love succulents! I bought some of them 2 months ago, I think they're the prettiest :)


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