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Kuta Beach, Lombok

Qunci Villa Lombok

Qunci Villa Lombok

Qunci Villa Lombok

i know it has been a while and i haven't even finished posting all of my photos from lombok trip. i know i know... i'm the one guilty for not posting enough on my blog these days. i really want to say i don't feel so inspired lately but that's not an excuse (even tho that's how i really feel!). how are you all?

first photo above from kuta beach, southern lombok. nice beautiful beach, but it was such a hot day there and the grain peppery sands hurt my feet! tip if you're going there: bring big hat or beach umbrella and wear sandals, don't walk on your bare foot. also, too many kids and women surrounding you to sell stuff... so just be prepared for the situation.

last 3 photos from our favourite hang out place qunci villas. everything there is just amazing. nice relaxing indulgence with the girls at this beautiful resort. we had a nice relaxing spa day, happy hour cocktails at sun down and delicious dinner, all the staff were also nice and friendly. highly recommended to stay there if you're going to lombok. i know i'm going to if i were to go back!

camera: diana mini // film: fuji superia 200 // more photos