forty days of dating

forty days of dating is one of my latest blog addiction.  

it's an experimental project between two friends (both are designers) from new york jessica walsh and timothy goodman who went on a date for 40 days. 

it's funny, it's full of drama, it's full of great typography, it is so addictive i have been reading every single post from their day one. and i will be reading all their new posts religiously, i can't wait to find out how it all unfolds at the end of the project. i don't want to give you any spoiler so find out yourself and let me know what you think! thanks anna for introducing me to this blog :)


  1. Ok, I have read absolutely EVERY of their posts haha! But they finished writting on day 26 (april 14th) so they won't be updating it right? Or are they? I'm so obsessed haha!

    Thank you for introducing us to it ;)


    1. hahaha that's what i thought too at first! i was like what? what's the end then??

      experiment was during march - april obviously but they launched the blog quite recently. if you go to their about page, there's a note that says "New posts are added Monday to Friday, from July 10, 2013 – August 22, 2013"

      keep checking back :)

    2. Thank you for writting on my blog the answer too haha! I had totally missed that line on the About page and I was like freaking out haha!

      Thank you again ;)

  2. Woof! I'm so completely addicted to this. I feel like I literally cannot wait to find out what happens.

  3. I've just found out about it and I'm loving it as well!
    For some reason, your blog doesn't show in my reader any longer (?!?!) so I have some serious catching up to do here.


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