márcio nakamura

am i the only one who's a but behind about awesome flickr update who generously giving us a free terabyte space? i'd better start taking my cameras out for adventure and get those how many ever film rolls in my drawer developed. i shall also browse flickr more often.

i love how márcio nakamura captured people. he's from curitiba, brasil (looks like he has japanese background too from his name?) and he's using praktica mtl5.

on a side note, i can't believe i only had one blog post last month. i was a little unwell and as well i felt rather uninspired lately...

then it was my due date for putting together a guest post at here comes the sun blog (i'm a contributor there for film photography topic) that pretty much kicked me out from my little bubble. i forgot how much i enjoy getting lost on the internet, browsing for pretty eye candy!

note to self: i need to go back and get my creative juice flowing again. not to mention to be more organised and time efficient in general. i just need to put this out there because people say you'll commit to your goals by writing it down.

ok i talk too much already about myself. how are you all? 


  1. I didn't know about he but I love it! so nice instants

  2. These are so lovely! I'll definitely check out your guest post :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  3. I was surprised with the free 1TB on Flickr too!! Gonna make use of it by capturing photos with my newly bought Oylmpus OM10! :)

    P/s: Update more please!

  4. i love your picks. reminds me to update my flickr and check it more often!


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