max wanger

today's photography inspiration is some simple framing concept by max wanger who's based in los angeles - be it a fashion or couple or family or travel photography. 

ok well that last photo isn't actually in theme with other photos i picked specifically for this post on the simplicity thme. but i really like this photograph, it was just captured so naturally and really nicely. 

on a site note, congrats to mr wanger and wife for their new baby boy. see many many more awesomeness on max's blog and get inspired.


  1. omg so inspiring. such an amazing photographs! thanks for sharing x

  2. aw, what a lovely post! :)

  3. Loving your photographs, and such an inspiration for me to pick up the camera to try something new. It would be great if you could have a look on my blog, I'm still very new to film photography so was hoping if you could give me some feedback/suggestions for my next roll of film! Thanks


    1. thanks kely, these are actually not my photographs - as mentioned on the post all the photos belong to max wanger

  4. I love Max Wanger and his minimalistic-totally-awesome pictures!


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