just a minute in march

wowza there's only 1 week left in march! i'm sorry i have been quiet. here's a few updates from my end.

♥ playing... candy crush saga. i'm hooked, it's a waste of my time, i blog less, i'm struggling with my side projects and i shamefully admit it that i'm addicted to this evil game. sigh.

♥ joining... element eden knit off competition. a bit nervous because i don't knit. i'll give it a go though. 

♥ shout out... to instagratification. it's a photo exhibition taken with your phone, get the chance to win some cash and get your photos exhibited at a goodfellas gallery at toronto, canada. international submissions welcome so go go go sign up!

♥ laughing... over top 10 guiltiest dogs and dog teaches puppy to use stairs. i love dogs.

♥ missing out... big time on james blake's gig in sydney. i guess i'll just go listen to retrogade again now since i can't listen to him live. sad face.

♥ looking... for a new rss reader because google reader is going to close down soon :( how do you read your feed, any good one that you can recommend? 

how are you all? p.s. you can also now find me occasionally posting over indonesian creative zin called fur

photo from element eden winter 2013 lookbook


  1. ooh, have fun knitting. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it :)
    I've been using feedly as a reader. It has a really lovely interface, but I'm still getting the hang of it.

    1. i have been procrastinating to even start knitting... will give it a go after i come back from holiday!

  2. Hey Laura,
    I've been using Feedly, too. In anticipation of the demise of Google Reader they built this backend technology that will automatically transfer all your subscriptions and associated data over to their servers [or something] after July 1. You won't even notice the transition.
    I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I hope life continues to be kind to you.

    1. thanks heaps, that's very informative! hope life is well on your end too :)

  3. Replies
    1. yep yep, 3 comments in a row you guys all suggested feedly so i will definitely give this a go. thank you!

  4. I think everytime I need cheering up I watch videos with dogs, they are amazing!



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