jessie ware & sampha - valentine

whoa, doesn't january always go so fast?

thanks to january cure, even though i didn't manage to follow every single task i feel like my home is now a lot cleaner and organised and enjoyable. did any of you do this project as well? if you have any photos to share, i'd love to see them. or if you didn't, i highly recommend this as you can do it at any time of the year anyway and their guidelines and posts are really helpful and motivating! see all related posts from apartment therapy here

so anyway now that it's february, regardless you are or aren't celebrating valentine, this song is dedicated to you all by jessie ware and sampha. enjoy!

more music here // listen to youtube playlist here


  1. What a lovely song! So cute :) I have NO IDEA how it's February already, but I like it. It's starting to feel like spring is on the horizon (here, at least!).

  2. Mmmmh, I love this song, it is so relaxing and peacefull...
    Thank you for the discovery!!! :-)


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