just a minute in december

♥ listening... to nat king cole's christmas song. a classic favourite during this time of the year!

♥ buying... amalfi coast glasshouse candle.

♥ going... to catherine hill bay, my camera broken but you can view a few snaps from my instagram.

♥ smiling... at these 10 cheerful inspiration images over design is mine.

♥ liking... watercolour's new music video pazzida 

♥ doing... some little rearrangements here and there in the house. a merry mishap is my inspiration.

♥ watching... les miserables, life of pi and the hobbit - all these 3 movies are on my list this holiday.

i wish you all a merry christmas and wonderful holiday with friends and family in whichever part of the world you are x

photo by marrion berrin


  1. I love that song too:) And I really enjoyed the one you linked to as well, thanks for the tip.

    Wonderful list by the way! Happy Holidays to you<3


  2. beautiful! nat king cole's voice is just perfect! and I'm so excited to see les miserables and life of pi as well! i've already seen the hobbit twice haha! Merry Christmas! :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  3. Love it Laura, what a lovely December you'll be having. I cant wait to see Les Miserables either... and nothing like some good Christmas songs this time of the year to get you in the mood.

  4. Ah ! thank you for sharing my come darkness picture !
    Happy new year !!


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