just a minute in november

♥ listening... majestic casual youtube channel. so many good music and they give you download link as well, love!

♥ amusing... found this fat caterpillar at my backyard. i have never seen a big one like this before in my life so it was all pretty exciting.

♥ thinking... of this beautiful campaign for transport accident commission (TAC). clever approach and please do drive carefully and remember to #slowdown for your own safety and others.

♥ congratulating... aubrey from hope this lasts for launching her new project the love assembly

♥ inspiring... new interview with lily published over sparkapolooza (and we shall publish a new brief soon too)

♥ going... to field trip next week, getting my creative juice out.

♥ giving away... christmas present from Half/Half; you still have one week to enter competition on this post.

photo by fatma gultekin


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I've never heard of Field Trip! I am seriously bookmarking that site, looks amazing!
    Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  2. I havent heard of Majestic casual. Thanks for the intro! The field trip looks like it will be a fun day out, I believe a friend is going.
    Also in regards to your question I work in the transport industry...particularly to do with planes.


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