hana haley

i'm swooning over hana haley's portfolio site, a film photographer from portland who currently resides in san francisco. 

love how versatile she is with different lightings be it sunset or direct sunlight, cloudy or dark with flash. or how great she uses the framing and multiple exposures. she inspires me to take my camera out more and try on these different techniques!

on a side note, only about 5 weeks left before christmas. 5 weeks! i have a few goals that i'm trying to achieve before this year ends. not going to bore you with these but amongst them are eat well, sleep well, live well. what about you?


  1. wow i love your photos and your blog!
    i have a favour to ask, if u have a spare minute, could u check out me blog, i only started it recently and would love to hear what you think of it:

    keep up the great work x

    1. thanks nicole, they are actually not my photos. all photos, illustrations or artworks i posted are courtesy of different artists i've mentioned on the posts unless otherwise stated as my own work.

  2. this is fracking gorgeous. so pretty!

  3. Loving the effect and how she captured girls and emotions! I'm also planning some to-do-lists to be accomplished by this end of 2012. one of them is making Christmas cards :)

  4. Thank you Laura! Yes, all birthday presents, love all of them too :)

    Very beautiful photos!
    Eat well and live well are on my list, too ;)


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