say it with flowers

that's right, we're finally updating our etsy shop Half/Half

we have new gorgeous floral hair pieces and  air-dry clay necklaces in store, all hand made with love. especially for those of you in australia, we're just in time to get prepared for the coming up melbourne cup. tis the flower season, combine our floral hair accessories with your pretty frock and we can guarantee that you'll be rocking the cup in style! each photo above links to available piece we have in store but there are also plenty others to choose from on our etsy shop as well as at style sofia

we have a lot more update to come, do drop by say hi and stay updated on Half/Half facebook page!


  1. they look beautiful... though I don't know if i'd wear them!

    1. hi anna! yeah we figured it's not everyone's cup of tea but they would also be great for some special occasions like wedding, bachelorette party / hens night, tea party and the like or for us in australia, we have a really big annual horse race called melbourne cup where all the girls are wearing fascinators or fancy hair accessories :)

  2. lovely crowns and lovely styling too.


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