how cool are these growing plants jewellery by HAF? HAF is a company is based in reykjavík, iceland founded by industrial/interior designer hafsteinn juliusson. in addition to all the coolness, they also have this growing jewellery house where these icelandic moss jewellery lives. (via news.com.au)

on a side note...

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are so cool!
    What an original concept.

    the making of things

  2. i love these! such a wonderful idea!

  3. The idea of this jewellery is so inspiring. Iceland never fails me to amazed! First the magnificent view, Sigur Ros, and now this brand.

  4. love this! and love the blog! can't wait to read more, girl.

    love, rach.

    1. thanks rach, glad you enjoy reading my blog, welcome and hope you come back to drop by again :)

  5. wow! so original! the other day I was talking about cake-rings, there really is a lot of creativity into a ring!

  6. i love the last photo! the girl is so gawjus and i love the overall idea of bringing the greenery into your daily! :")


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