sunshine award

i meant to post this long long time ago but i've never been really good at this. thanks so much koey for nominating me for the sunshine award! now. as a part of this, i have to answer these questions and name 5 other bloggers, so here it goes.

favourite colour: white but i've been loving grey and pastels too lately.
favourite animal: puppies!
favourite non-alcoholic drink: water. and black tea, no milk, no sugar.
facebook or twitter: twitter.
getting or giving presents: both.
favourite flower: i know very little about flowers but i think tulips are cute.
favourite pattern: triangles and stripes.
passion: internet, food, simple and clean designed objects (like these trivet bagels from neëst pictured above!).
favourite number: umm.. i don't actually have any. but if i really have to, i'll pick 8 because it's a lucky number.

and i'd like to pass this to these 5 delightful bloggers:
marion l'inventaire de l'esthétique
jennifer from i art u
isa from paper boots
fransisca angela from my unpredictable
lauren from calico skies


  1. Thank you very much Laura! It was a great surprise :) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me over with this awards. I'll try my best to make a post anytime soon :)


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