jaejin hwang

see: photography by jaejin hwang, originally from south korea and now residing in ohio.

these are some photos from his latest series giant america. he's a photographer as well as a graduate research associate in a biodynamics lab. 

often we all think we're always to busy with work and life, but it's important that we also spend time to do things for ourself or for our passion, be it photography, craft, art, music or any hobbies or anything at all that you enjoy doing (this is also note to self). looks like jaejin is one of a great example of someone who's doing this.


  1. Lovely, and such true words!

  2. love these photos. the shape they are is perfect. too great!
    enjoyment is love :) xx

  3. so beautiful!!!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. First photo is my favourite ! Glad to discover his work :)

  5. His works are beautiful & I also agree with your thoughts :)

  6. I agree Laura, I've been setting time aside in the evening after work to write fiction. It's wonderful.


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